Sunday, August 29, 2010

Declined.......Some days are harder than others....

So it has been a tough week. Actually ran out of money on Monday and no paycheck until Thursday. On top of that the car was out of gas, so my husband actually gave me a card to get gas, he deemed that a necessity. Unfortunately I went to use the card for gas and it was declined! So embarrassing.   It turns out that the little slip up I had a few weeks ago was more than I thought. So there was no room left on the card. I was so disappointed in myself. And because of that, I had to basically stay home the rest of the week, since I did not have enough gas to go any where. What an eye opener.

On another note, I decided to try a new app to track my spending. So I downloaded Argosity affiliated with This was a free app and so far it has been really easy to use for tracking my spending as I am out and about. I would recommend it!

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