Monday, November 8, 2010

Xmas decorations already? Tis the season to Shop?

So I am feeling a bit better. Have had family visiting from out of town which kept me pretty busy for the last few days. As part of their visit we visited a local shopping mall as they wanted to buy a gift for my children. Couldn't believe there are xmas decorations up already! I mean it is not even thanksgiving yet! This coming xmas season is stressing me. I worry about being able to control my spending when there is so much "pressure" to shop. And it seems that everything is so expensive. I know that I will have to shop, as there are some people I have to get gifts for. Mostly the children my life, my own and my nieces nephews, and friend's children. We have decided not to exchange gifts for the adults in my family, which will make the spending much less, as I have a very large family.

Things have improved since my last post. Not great but better...

I have been pretty controlled with my spending, not perfect, but who is. In order to cut my budget I decided to cut my own hair...which could have been disaster, but luckily turned out okay. So this saved me a ton of money..I usually spend about $76 on my hair, as I usually don't trust anyone but my stylist.  Would I advocate this? Probably not. Would I do it again? Maybe. This will buy me at least a little time before I need another haircut.

I have cut tons of coupons this weekend, and am preparing a grocery list and meal plan for the week. So I will report back on the final tally.

As for the weight loss efforts. I have committed to drinking more water, and have tried to choose healthier food options. In the next week I hope to figure out how to integrate some exercise into my schedule.  Sorry this post isn't more interesting but still a bit emotionally and physically exhausted from all the recent drama in my life. 

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