Saturday, July 31, 2010

I shop, therefore I am or at least closer to who I what to be?

 So I just ordered this book, from ebay (I could never pay full price!)
I know, I know still shopping. But that is the thing, for other addictions you can go cold turkey and just avoid the addiction. But in our society shopping of some sort is a necessity, have to buy the things you need to survive...

I will let you know when it comes, and see what it has to say about the situation!

But the title alone has got me thinking!

So why do I shop? What do I buy? I know you are wondering. (all of the following were purchased extremely cheaply at a thrift store or garage sale!- as though that somehow makes it better.)

Things that currently live in my garage:
Tons of toys for my children, ride on toys, dolls, cars, legos, etc
Lots of excess cooking gadgets and appliances

Other things around the house:
Clothes, for me and for my kids (all brand name of course)
More toys and kids books (no such thing as too many books right?)
Shoes for all of us!
Endless supplies of craft materials and paints for my toddler
Scrapbooking supplies for the scrapbooks I would love to make (but still haven't)
Stamping and card making supplies for the cards I would love to make (but haven't done recently)
among other stuff!

I buy things for the person I would like to be. Maybe it is to inspire me to get there. I have a bread machine that I bought at a thrift store. Spent countless hours scouring the Internet for the manual, attempted to make one loaf of bread (only useful as a doorstop), and relegated it back to garage. But I want to be that person who bakes their own bread, I want be the mother that has beautiful scrapbooks of all of their children's moments, I want to be that women who makes the beautiful handmade cards. I want to be someone other than who I am right now, maybe it was someone that I used to be, or maybe it is what I aspire to be.
I know how to buy the supplies, that is for sure, but the next step seems to allude me...

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  1. That line really struck me: "I buy things for the person I'd like to be." I shared it on my fb page because it's something that applies to a lot of us. My addiction is food, so I buy healthy food because I get this lovely image in my head of being healthy, feeling good, happy and energized, but then it sits there and goes to waste while I raid my daughter's cookies.